Ship Island

The “Isla del Barco”, or Ship Island, is located in the middle of the main pool of "Los Alisios". There we will find a large number of marine motifs: from the blue and white patterns of its awnings, to the ropes and knots that seem to hold the parts of a sailing ship. This transports us to the coast of Lanzarote, where César Manrique spent his childhood, one of the greatest influences on his career.

The signboard for "La isla", painted in a bright red color, invites us to cross its wooden bridges to reach the huge 25 meter high pine topsail that crowns the "Isla del Barco", perhaps its most characteristic element. These bridges, which nowadays are painted brown, were designed by Manrique in natural wood, with its veins and imperfections visible to the observer, just as nature itself designed.

On the island we find a circular bar, benches and tables made of wood and glass for the customers. Next to it stands a white chimney like those found on ships, which over the years has lost height after successive repairs. A second chimney stood in the past near the waterfall that fills the pool with water, but it has been removed.

If we look at the floor of the island, we will find a tile pavement combined with pebbles, arranged in a circular way with radii that seem to extend to infinity. This is something that we also see on the central island of "Lago Martiánez".