La Jibia

If we venture into the area of ​​"Los Alisios", we will find an animal being with an attentive gaze and bulging eyes. Nature, always present in the work of César Manrique, results in the creation of "La Jibia", a marine mollusk that could well remind us of an octopus or a squid.

The sculpture, made of rendered concrete and painted in red and white, has eyes of a unique bright green colour when they reflect the sunlight. Manrique, who habitually recycled materials found on beaches in his work, used in this case the bottom of two glass bottles to shape the eyes of "La Jibia", which make it seem as if it observes with curiosity everyone who passes by its side.

In the past its colour was of a more intense red, characteristic of the pop art that had influenced Manrique during his years in New York and that it is still present today in some signboards around the resort.

Being full of nooks and hiding places to play, “La Jibia” is one of the favorite places not only of the little ones, but of those whose childhood memories come to life by looking at it, given its more than 50 years of history.