Welcome to the “Costa Martiánez Holiday Resort”, nerve centre of Puerto de la Cruz, where you will not only enjoy saltwater baths in its swimming pools, but also a place where nature and art coexist harmoniously, working in a perfect tandem.

The creation of this space was possible thanks to the intervention of the canarian artist César Manrique, who projected his idea of what a leisure centre in the coast of Puerto de la Cruz should be, respecting the natural and cultural heritage of the city. 

The resort, with a surface area of approximately 50,000 m2, is divided into three main areas, built during different temporal phases. Firstly we have “San Telmo”, the oldest area, next to the chapel of the same name; then “Los Alisios”, the central area; and finally “Lago Martiánez”, the biggest and most eastern part, adjacent to Martiánez beach.

Due to the huge size of the resort, we recommend you a free walking tour, being your own decision how, when and which points of the audio guide to visit. If needed, you can check the map of the resort available in this audioguide.

As César Manrique always said, artists have the duty of teaching how to see, and not just to watch, their work. We hope that through this guide you will discover not only the history of the resort, but also its monuments and curiosities, and that your experience with us turns as enriching as possible.