Wind Toy "Barlovento"

At the entrance to the "Lago Martiánez" area, surrounded by ponds and vegetation, we find "Barlovento", one of the famous "Juguetes del Viento", or wind toys, made by César Manrique. Its name means windward, a nautical term that refers to the place from which the wind blows, helping ships to sail.

It is a mobile sculpture of steel cones, placed on top of a wide eucalyptus trunk, from whose base sprouts a pond full of vegetation, among which a huge yam plant, usually found in the most humid areas of ravines and in typical old Canarian houses, stands out. 

When the wind blows hard, it is possible to see how the conical structures of "Barlovento" rotate and intertwine, the same way as when the wind blows through the leaves of a tree.