Roots to the Heaven

The view of the grand eucalyptus trunks that integrate "Raíces al Cielo", vaguely translated as Roots to the Sky, is one of the most characteristic elements of the "Costa Martiánez Resort". As its name suggests, these trees stand upside down, with their roots pointing to the firmament.

César Manrique chooses objects found in nature, transforming these lifeless trees not only into an extraordinary monument, but also unconsciously giving them a new function: housing hundreds of migratory birds, who find a privileged lookout position on its heights.

Over the years, some of these huge trunks have fallen as a result of various storms, having lost their original height when they have been set back to the ground. The pavement surrounding the sculpture was originally made of pebbles, similar to what we can observe in the rest of the resort, but it is nowadays painted white.